OC Rp account for Hisau Maiya's son

Faceclaim:Lin Koujo & Victor/Ludger Will Kresnik

Fated Night: A Late Christmas Gift.

Location: Berlin Germany
Time: 9:30;54pm Monday

One cold night after a day’s work for Ryou as he was heading west to port side blending in the crowd as usual just like the average day person. It was snowing at the time and the lights were pretty this year, people celebrating in groups talking, laughing, playing games, spending their time with their families. He walked down the streets, the only direction he faced is forward, he didn’t even bother to glance towards the happy festivities that were taking place. 

Perhaps this was of old memory? Or did he envy the people having a great time? 

In the rooftops of berlin was a tall mercenary with white hair and a red scarf wearing mercenary clothes, fully equipped with a sniper and a scope jumping from building to building. It was to say its a bit inhuman for one to just perform such effort. 

There was one objective in mind that he wish to accomplish, looking for the target individual and the supposedly HVI for his Father’s assistant. 

As Ryou walked towards a dark alley he was greeted by a gang of thugs, they threatening him by showing knives. They were muggers obviously trying to steal money from him. These kind of people however are common in urban places so its no surprise. The mercenary who has been stalking Ryou from the roof takes his position seeing how this would play out. 

"Hey you look rich… Why don’t you give the poor some money eh? HE HE HE…"

"If you don’t… that makes you a cold and heartless person no? How about you hand over some cash to us and we’ll leave you alone"

They raised their knives threatening him to kill him. 

Ryou was at a point in his life,where nothing mattered anymore. He had lost all hope of finding any purpose he could have,in finding the woman he was taken away from long ago,now,they were nothing more than childish dreams.He looked up,watching the snow fall while he addressed the thugs.


"Killing me would be pointless,I have no money,or anything of value. Even if I did,I wouldn’t give it to lowlifes like you.Think of me cold or heartless,it’s possibly true. If you decided to kill me,then do it. It won’t get you anywhere,it’ll only make my job easier."


Though his injury from the past still effected his fighting technique, he could have taken a couple of them out. He simply did not have the will to live anymore. Perhaps,this was the way it was meant to be. If his mother was no longer in this world,then he could join her in death.